Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best Looking Joseph Around

Jackson's preschool held their Christmas program this morning.  After the Thanksgiving Feast, I was dreading this morning.  The parent e-mail informed us that the program would last about 45 minutes and there would be refreshments immediately following.  Drop off is at 9 but the program didn't start 'til 9:30.  It's no easy task keeping three 5 month olds quiet for over an hour by yourself.  I was even more stressed out when the director announced that the two year olds would perform first, then sit with their parents for the remainder of the program (which included 6 songs and a reflection from the pastor). 

The hour passed with minimal stress.  Jackson had his acting debut as the role of Joseph in their 2 minute nativity play.   

I sat in the last pew and rotated fussy babies between carseats and the Ergo.  I gave Jackson a pen and paper from my purse to draw. I couldn't tell you a single song that was sung as I was preoccupied with soothing tired babies.  There were no melt-downs, so it was a success!

Jackson was precious with his friend, K.  Jackson is in a class full of girls, so he is the class boyfriend.

You might recall me mentioning K's overly helpful mother.  She and her husband provided me genuine relief by carrying Amelia and Maddie in their carseats across the church campus to the gym.  (I didn't have the stroller since I knew it would block the aisle of the sanctuary.) It was quite a communal effort getting punch and cookies for the two year olds.  I was so appreciative of help from other parents, especially after being shunned by the parents of the 3's and 4's at Thanksgiving.   

After punch and cookies, I left Jackson at school and took the babies home so I could catch up on laundry and dishes.  My phone was still on silent, so I missed a phone call from the director requesting me to come pick Jackson up due to three consecutive nasty diapers.  When I picked Jack up, he was his usual happy-go-lucky self.  I'm beginning to wonder if he has a dairy sensitivity because he frequently gets upset stomach.  He clearly wasn't bothered since he insisted we stop by the park on the way home.


  1. He is the most handsome Joseph I've ever seen! I'm glad you had a better experience with the preschool moms!

  2. Jack is a terribly handsome Joseph. I was told Lucy wouldn't make as good of a Mary as other little girls because of her fair skin/hair. I was like WWJD? That's right, shun the blond kids! Seriously people...