Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Resourceful Baking Fun

Jesse brought this home from Aldi. 

Jackson was very eager to make the rice krispy treat house.  We followed the directions on the box but could NOT get the cooled rice krisy out of the mold.  I ended up scraping it out with my hands and shaping it into a large gingerbread man. 

Jackson did a great job and was proud of his work.

Our next resourceful dining was to use up the loaf of white bread from lunch on Sunday.  Our family never eats white anything (rice, pasta, bread, etc) but we didn't want to waste the loaf.  French toast it was.


Finally, our last three bananas had nearly liquefied.  Rather than toss them, I found a recipe for lactation banana bread.

I added in a generous handful of chocolate chips to try and counteract the bitterness of brewer's yeast, flax, and fenugreek.  It's not the best tasting banana bread in the world, but certainly edible.

In addition to the above, we also made a pound cake and sausage balls for Christmas.  Jackson was the resident sous-chef.  It's been a busy 24 hours of baking!

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