Saturday, December 7, 2013

With This Ring

I stopped wearing my engagement and wedding ring when I was 34 weeks pregnant...with Jackson.  Nearly three years and four kids later, I've genuinely missed wearing my rings.  I was hoping for a quick, inexpensive resizing for our anniversary in October.  After taking the rings to a jeweler, I was given an estimated cost of close to $1,000.  The high cost was due to repairing a crack in the band, adding platinum to size it up, and replacing the prongs.

A month later, Jesse took my rings to a local jeweler to have completely new settings.  We downgraded from platinum to white gold so that we could break even in cost.

My engagement ring is my mother's diamond.  When Jesse asked my mother for my hand in marriage, she gave him her engagement ring.  He reset the diamond in a platinum band with 12 small diamonds.  When Jesse proposed to me, before even saying yes I asked, "Is that mom's diamond?"  My parents were an amazing example of a loving marriage, so having the same ring that my father proposed to my mother with was incredibly meaningful. 

I just got my new rings yesterday.  I keep watching the light reflect off of it and staring at it just like I did the day Jesse proposed.  I love that both the wedding and engagement ring have sparkle. 

Now I can only pray that Jesse and I will be blessed with 27 (or more) happy years together like my parents, and the diamond can be passed down to one of our children. 

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