Saturday, December 28, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

Jackson was blessed to receive all of this for Christmas:

Of course, the challenge was where to put everything.  It took two entire days for Jesse and I to take down Christmas decorations, sort through old toys for Goodwill, clear space, and make room for new things.  I tried to take a panoramic view of Jackson's room.  Obviously the bed doesn't normally look like that, but it was impossible to get the corners of the room in the picture. 

We tidied up Jackson's closet and made room for his dresser to go under the closet shelves.  (It has been against the wall since before he was born.) 

After realizing how many little toys and sets Jack has, I decided to move Jack's toy box into the babies room and bring in their storage baskets.  We took down his tent to make room for this piece of organizational heaven.  I sorted everything into bins: train sets, board books, matchbox cars, super hero figurines, Little People, musical instruments, etc.  I'll most likely go back and add picture labels to help Jackson know where to return the toys, but he's really great at cleaning up and organizing his toys downstairs.

The book shelves haven't changed.  We've just rotated/added more books.

Jackson has Batman sheets and blankets on his big boy bed.  Now if we could just get him to sleep there all night.  Sigh...

He still has play areas downstairs.  It only took minor rearranging to provide adequate floor space and play areas for both Jack and the trio.  His toy kitchen has been moved to the dining room.

And his easel/crafts are in an open nook of the living room.

Thanks to the small storage bins, Jackson can bring a bin downstairs, dump it all on the floor or table, then quickly clean up.  We are all so much happier when we can keep things clean and tidy and everything is easily accessible.

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