Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest Post: Jackson's First Day at New School

This morning I felt good because I felt good.

I wanted to go to school.

[My friend] was at school with me.

I walked up the ramp. I put my backpack on the floor. I put my lunchbox in my cubby all by myself. I could reach it all by myself. See how big I am.

I have music. I sing Jesus loves all the daddies. All the mommies. And all the babies. I got a stamp.

Lunch was good. I ate a sandwich. I opened everything all by myself.

There's a kitchen and a castle and barber shop where you do make-up and hair cut. [I assume he's talking about the different centers.]

Do you know what I ate for snack? Tell what I ate. I ate crunchy bunny rabbits. Them were food bunny rabbits. Some are chocolate. Some are not.

I painted a moon. I put a ladder on there.

We did jumping jacks a really long time in my classroom.

We went to the gym. The see-saw had this many seats [holds up three fingers]. I went on the see-saw with a couple friends. Them have tricycles, too.

I opened a Valentine box up.

We put our coats on. We just went outside to get our mamas. It was raining.

Next time is Valentine's. We're going to sing and play. We get to eat cookies!

This kid turns 4 in exactly two months!

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  1. I'm glad he had a good day, it had to be much easier for mommie!