Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow To-Do List

Each time I checked the weather forecast yesterday, it called for a greater accumulation. I even ran out to buy a cheap sled since I assumed we'd be snowed in the rest of the week. By 7 pm, it was calling for 7-10 inches of snow in our area. Jesse and the kids were asleep by 9 pm, but I stayed awake and kept vigil by the window, taking occasional dance breaks.

I was a bit disappointed to walk on the deck this morning and see the dismal 2-3 inches. Nonetheless, it was still beautiful.

Jackson and I made a snow to-do list during breakfast, then bundled everyone up. 

The trio will not keep their mittens on. I wanted them to spend a decent amount of time playing in the snow this morning, so I used knee high socks as mittens. I pulled them up to their shoulders, then put their jackets over top so they couldn't pull them off. 

The greatest obstacle in successfully completing our snow agenda was getting Amelia to actually go outside. She spent the morning standing by the back door or being held.

We accomplished all five items on our itinerary. They included:

Go Sledding

Make Snow Angels

Make and Throw Snowballs

Build a Snowman

Make and Eat Snow Cream

Now that we've crossed everything off our list, it's time to move on to spring!


  1. Fun! I hate that y'all didn't get the 5-6 inches we did. Ben almost disappeared.