Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spoiled on Valentine's (Eve)

Apparently I wasn't the only enthusiastic one about Valentine's Day this year. The kids were utterly spoiled by their MiMi and Aunt Robin last night. They brought pizza, cupcakes, and presents for everyone. 

The trio have been really interested in gift bags lately. Even though they each received the same things in their bags, they all switched items around. Maddie casually stole everyone else's animal crackers and goldfish. She was very defensive about her collection of snacks. Amelia ended up with all of the stuffed animals in her bag. James dumped everything out and filled his empty bag with items from around the house. Jackson began eating his candy, then ran around with his cousin.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and today was Valentine's Day. The universe must have been mixed up. While today was pretty miserable, the love of family (and never-ending supply of sweet treats) carried us through. I am forever thankful that our kids will never doubt how much they are loved.

Jackson was in the bathroom. Oops!

Happy Valentine's Day. May you always know how much you're loved!

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