Thursday, February 12, 2015

DIY Valentine Photos

After searching Pinterest, I could not find any Valentine photo ideas I liked that included all four kids individually. (Group photos are not worth the trouble at 18 months old.) I have a bit of a letter obsession (see Father's Day Photos and Grandparent's Day Photos). I thought about spelling out LOVE, but decided to do XOXO because I old had to buy and paint two letters as opposed to four. Quick and cheap wins again.

Here's the simple tutorial:

Step 1: Buy plain wooden letters at a craft store and whatever color paint you choose. Most of the craft stores have online coupons you can print or use on a smartphone. 

Step 2: Paint every possible surface area of the letters. Let dry.

Step 3: Buy or create a decorative backdrop. I thought about making a string of hearts, but opted for the less complicated pennant banner. I just used some old scrapbook paper, punched holes in the triangles, and threaded twine to hang.

Step 4: Find a spot to take your photos. Natural light always makes the best photos, so I chose to hang the banner on our backyard fence. The scotch tape looks terrible but I knew it wouldn't show in the pictures. Because my kids are small and wiggly, I thought I'd have better odds of keeping them still if they were sitting. I used a picnic basket as a chair. 

Step 5: Give each kid a letter and start clicking. This was yet another idea that looked so much better in my head. I always picture them looking at me, smiling, and holding the letter at a perfect angle. You would seriously think by now I would have more realistic expectations, but it is what it is.

Step 6: Laugh at the outtakes. Pick the best ones to compile into a collage.

 Happy Valentine's Day!

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