Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mom Confession

On Friday we ventured to the mall with the enclosed children's area. This was the trio's second time at this particular mall, and Jackson's first. He requested I take his picture with various Looney Tunes characters.  

The girls were all over the place and harder to photograph.

James had more fun playing with the stroller. He is enamored by the buckles, wheels, and brakes.

I was in an especially good mood, making small talk with other parents and playing peekaboo with the kids. As we were leaving, I talked myself into using the escalator. The elevator is so far out of the way; I wanted to see if I could use the escalator with the double stroller. I waited until no one was around, just in case I needed to reverse if we didn't fit or I couldn't angle the stroller safely. There aren't a whole lot of challenges I have left to take on with the kids in public, so I was excited at the prospect of adding escalators to our options to get up and down the levels. I was humming the Rocky theme song in my head as we ascended the escalator. I felt empowered.


I turned around halfway up the escalator and realized Jackson was still standing at the bottom. I could see the panic in his face as the distance between us increased. Part of me wanted to yell "What are you doing?! Get your ass on the escalator!" The other part of me wanted to dissolve in a puddle of shame for leaving my three year old.  Thankfully, another woman grabbed his hand and eased him onto the escalator as if he were her own son. I thanked her and she simply nodded. As we walked through the parking lot, Jackson said, "I'm sorry I didn't get on the elescator." Of course I told him I was sorry for not making sure he got on and that I would never leave him.

Every time I feel worthy of a supermom cape, I'm hit with the reality of yet another unintended parenting fail. Thanks for always keeping it real, motherhood.

ETA: I have since been informed about the dangers of using a stroller on escalators. Thankfully, this is the only place I know of that even has an escalator, and now know not to attempt this again. Thanks, readers, for educating me.

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  1. Eek! Please don't take a stroller on an escalator - ever! It's so dangerous. I once witnessed a child being rushed to the ER because of a stroller/escalator incident. I also have a friend who is an escalator repairman and he's seen so many stroller accidents. Not worth it!