Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blankie Addict

I can't recall at what age Amelia required her yellow blanket. It seems like it's always been a comfort object for her. At 20 months, her blanket has become an appendage. She carries it with her around the house, in the car, outside, even while she eats breakfast. (I rarely let her take it in public places.) 

Unfortunately, her blanket gets filthy with food, leaves, etc. There's never really a good time to wash it since she always has it. Yesterday I washed all the blankets and Clifford. It was the single worst hour of Amelia's life. She screamed, cried, banged her hands on the dryer, and paced around the hallway and laundry room. I tried to console her but she kept running back to the washer and yelling.

An hour later, all was well again in Amelia's simple world.

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