Sunday, March 8, 2015

Reedy Creek Park

We played hooky from church today. The pastor is out of town and we slept in anyway because of the time change. Besides, I wanted to soak up the sun with my family on this ideal 75 degrees day. I packed our lunches while Jesse got the kids dressed. He picked a park that I almost never choose. In fact, I don't think I've ever taken the kids to this park by myself. It is very wooded and has a quirky playground that Jackson loves. It requires two adults to supervise because there is a rock wall and climbing net on opposite sides that would be a very dangerous drop off. 

After exploring the playground, I set up lunch while Jesse took Jackson to the restroom (aka a tree). I unknowingly put Maddie's lunch down directly in front of a large hole in the ground. She sank down in a pile of leaves but kept eating.

After lunch we wondered back and forth between a large sandbox and an open area with "building materials" for a fort. 

Jesse was in a boisterous mood and felt so inclined to "teach woodland survival skills" to the children. It involved collecting dogs (aka Clifford) and urine. As much as Jackson idolizes his Daddy, I hope he understands the humor. (I'm still not sure that I do...)

Once again, Maddie became one with nature after tripping. I guess our city kids can't handle a little nature walk yet!

This morning was such a tease for summer. I'm ready to have unlimited trips to the park as a family of six. Only three more months!

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