Monday, March 23, 2015

Family Fun at the Park

Saturday afternoon was spent at the park. I love when our entire family can enjoy time together outside. We returned to my new favorite toddler playground. I stayed with the trio while Jesse accompanied Jackson on the larger playground.

I've mastered packing lunches and drinks for everyone in five minutes or less. I think our kids eat outside more often than inside.

The trio ran around, giggling and chasing one another. They walked the entire trial, whereas Jackson ended up in the stroller! Silly kids.

Seriously, could Amelia be any cuter? She has the sweetest little voice and laugh.

I asked Jesse to take a picture of me since I'm always the one taking the pictures. I assumed he would take one of me with the kids. Nope...

A husband and wife selfie in the parking lot had to suffice.

We drove around the neighborhoods, checking out houses for sale. We're in no position to move right now, but I think we'd both consider moving once I go back to work. I love the area where we live, just not our specific neighborhood. For now, it's fun fantasizing about different places and simply spending time together.

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