Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Finding Balance

I tend to overly rely on the weather forecast for my day-to-day plans. For example, if I know it is supposed to rain on a certain day, I'll save that day for the museum or rec center. If there's only supposed to be a day or two where the weather is warm and sunny, I feel the need to spend every second outside. Today was the first day in a week that I haven't had several things planned, yet I managed to feel more rushed today than I have in weeks. 

I get so caught up in making sure I'm exposing the kids to different places and activities that I forget to just spend time with them singing and reading. I focus more on taking a photograph of the kids than actually living in the moment. I feel guilty if I don't take Jackson on adventures, even though I know the trio desperately need a nap. I spend more time organizing playdates so other kids can play with Jackson, than I spend on actually playing with Jackson myself. I love being a mom and I want to do everything and capture everything, but I'm completely losing any sense of balance in the process.

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For the second day in a row, we headed to Freedom Park. Jackson had school so I took James, Amelia, and Maddie. We couldn't stay long but we made the most of our time. I packed a light lunch (applesauce, cheese, and veggie straws) for the trio. I let them walk around the entire time, even by the lake. Obviously I didn't let them walk directly beside it, but they did a really good job listening and staying together. At one point we had a small following of geese. Maddie stuck her hand out and yelled, "Go!". Within a minute, James and Amelia chimed in with a chorus of "Go. Go. Go." 

I set an alarm on my phone so I could drive across town to pick up Jackson in time. I was the last car in the pick-up line (for the 3's classes). 

Side story: I received an e-mail yesterday saying we had not paid tuition for the month and we also owed a late fee. I thought, "This can NOT be happening again. I KNOW I paid through the school's online system!" I gave the director, who is exceptionally kind and professional, the receipt. It turns out it was just a mix-up with the bookkeeper because Jackson and I have a different last name.  Whew!

The trio and I had been out all morning, but the weather was nice and Jackson wanted to go to the park. Against my better judgment, I drove us to a park 15 minutes away. Even though I had already changed the trio's diapers, James and Maddie had soaked through their clothes. Since they had been playing outside in the heat, they had consumed two cups of water each. I had a random dress in the back that I changed Maddie into, but I let James go pantless. 

This particular park is probably the easiest to supervise right now. There is a fully fenced in toddler playground, right across from a larger playground. Jackson went back and forth between the two, while the triplets were content climbing and sliding independently. James got his second wind and went a little crazy running, climbing, jumping, and licking. The girls were less energetic, but happy.

The meltdown occurred as I was loading everyone in the van. Apparently 19 months old is the age when kids begin arching their backs, turning around, and resisting getting buckled into their car seats. (I vividly recall wrestling Jackson into his car seat when I was pregnant with the trio.) Amelia screamed the entire car ride home. Within 30 minutes of coming home, the trio fell asleep in their cribs. Jackson and I snuggled in the recliner until Jesse came home.

It was a good day, though it could have been a great day if I had paced myself and given us time to unwind. There's always tomorrow... (Isn't that what I said yesterday?)

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  1. Love your blog, Bonnie. My daycare center once did the same thing with money because Brycen and I have different last names. To make it worse, there is another Davidson family there, and I was paying their childs tuition. Ooops!!