Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Decorating

FYI, the blog keeps centering my text, no matter how many times I change the format. It is driving me absolutely crazy!

It is our tradition to put Christmas decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. This was the first Black Friday I haven't gone shopping, which was disappointing. The lack of Christmas shopping made it all the more important to decorate.

Jesse handles the outside decor, which consists of three inflatables, spotlights, and wreathes on each window. The kids were eager to assist and were so animated watching the inflatables come to life.

While Jesse and the kids worked outside, I began the tedious task of fluffing the tree branches. It was an appropriate time to wear my Daddy's "bah humbug" hat.

Despite having a pre-lit tree, we still needed light because the middle strand was out. Jesse became so irritable trying to detangle and string lights that I gave him the hat to wear.

Each of the kids did a fantastic job hanging ornaments. Jesse and I only helped by lifting the kids to reach the top.

As we were finishing the tree, the mail came. Jackson was elated to discover a package addressed to him. Jesse's mom sent us our annual ornament.

We decided to forgo the nativity scene for the second consecutive year because it is not at all toddler friendly. (Imagine dozens of breakable figurines and straw.) Jesse's dad would not have known this fact, which is what made it all the more meaningful when we gave us this very simple piece that he made. I love it!

Jesse hung the stockings after the kids went to bed.

Here's the outside of the house at night. I still prefer the white spotlights, but Jesse likes the red and green better.

I absolutely love the tree. Every other year we've put it in front of our floor to ceiling window. That no longer worked thanks to the arrangement with our giant sectional. We put it in the corner. Last year we had to put a baby gate around the tree. The trio have been okay this year. They sometimes take ornaments off the tree to admire or hoard, but they aren't ripping ornaments off or breaking them. 

I've spent the last two nights sitting in the dark, watching Love Actually and listening to the Pentatonix holiday album after everyone goes to bed. So far, it's a pretty relaxing holiday season.

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