Thursday, November 26, 2015

"Paci Gone"

The plan was to eliminate pacifiers cold turkey when the trio turned two this past July. In the battle between crying toddlers and weary parents, toddlers prevailed. I managed to mostly eliminate pacifiers during the day over the last month, but it's a daily fight to take the pacifiers away each morning.

Jesse and I decided that Thanksgiving break would be the final cutoff. We'd have each other to stay strong throughout the tantrums, cries, and begging for pacifiers. Also, we have so many fun distractions planned over the break that we thought would help ease the transition.

We told the triplets, "Pacis are going to go bye-bye because you're big girls and a big boy. Pacis are for babies." Amelia looked around sadly and said, "Paci gone?" Jesse discreetly collected and threw the pacifiers away.

In case you're wondering how bad it could really be, listen to this on repeat for an hour, multiple times a day.

Contrary to what we anticipated, James has slept peacefully during naps and overnight the past few days. Amelia and Maddie have had a much harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. They haven't napped and they've both been ended up in our bed at night.

James screamed inconsolably the first morning, but has been better each day. He's still gnawing on things throughout the day. He brushed his teeth for an hour today, all throughout the house, likely because the toothbrush was soothing to him. Amelia walked up to James, gave him his blanket, and sweetly reaffirmed, "Paci gone, James. Paci gone."

Fingers crossed and saying a prayer that the girls have better sleep habits and James can soothe himself.

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