Sunday, November 1, 2015

Spooky Nutter Butters

Almond bark is synonymous with holiday season. Last Christmas I spent hours dipping treats in the melted goodness. One of the things I saved for my memory bank was Nutter Butter ghosts. They are so simple; I let Jackson do most of it. To make Nutter Butter ghosts and mummies, you only need a package of vanilla almond bark, package of Nutter Butter cookies, something for eyes and a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. In place of almond bark, you could also use candy melts or white chocolate chips. For the eyes, you could use candy eyes, black pearl sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, or pipe a dot of melted chocolate.

I learned last year to only melt a few squares of almond bark at a time. Once it begins to cool, it doesn't reheat well. I melted three squares at a time in a deep bowl for 60-75 seconds. Then Jackson dipped each Nutter Butter in the bowl, shook it, and laid it on wax paper. I already had black pearl sprinkles in my baking cabinet, which I used for the eyes. I tried to let Jackson do this part but the eyes were more like belly buttons.

We made half of the cookies as ghosts, which were only partially dipped in the almond bark. The other half were mummies. To make the mummies, dip the entire cookie in white chocolate, flip it over, then use a fork to transfer the dipped cookie from the bowl to a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

Once all the fully dipped cookies have started to cool, I melted a few squares and poured the liquid into a ziploc bag. I made the tiniest cut off one corner and let Jackson drizzle it back and forth to "wrap" the mummy.

The cookies easily peeled off the wax paper after ten minutes. The end result was very cute, easy, kid-friendly Halloween cookies.

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