Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Stories and New Friends

After preschool drop off I took the trio to the Harrisburg library story time. I only went in hopes that my friend would be there. She was not. The kids were content so it was still worth our time. James still sat in my lap the entire time, but he had a lot more fun today.

Amelia and Maddie were both fans of musical instruments and songs.

After story time we played in the main library, read dozens of books (though only finished a few), and colored holiday cards for senior citizens. Note to self: must work on how to hold a crayon with Amelia.

We ran around the fields at a nearby playground.

During our library and park visit, the trio walked the whole time. I'm not ready to abandon the stroller for museum trips or large parking lots, but it's so nice to give the trio more independence.

After school we met a friend at another park right near the preschool. Jackson has been going on about one particular boy at school. I emailed the boy's mom to give her my number and suggest a park play date while the weather is still nice. The boys played together in the beach volleyball area for over an hour.

The mom also has a younger son, so we were both all over the place running after our own kids. The mom was very relatable and down to earth, but I was secretly relieved we had distractions. An hour and a half is a long time to talk to a stranger.

There are moments when I look at Amelia and see myself so much. I don't know why it hit me so hard, but she was staring up at me making this typical face and I thought, "No denying you're mine".

The trio discovered a stray cat. James coaxed the cat along, sweetly saying, "Come on, meow. Come on."

Unfortunately, our exciting afternoon caused us to miss the window of opportunity for a nap. The girls screamed. Jackson was incredibly whiny. Only James actually fell asleep. At least Jackson doesn't have school tomorrow so I can make nap time a priority.

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