Sunday, November 15, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge: Jackson Guest Post

Jackson's aunt and uncle took him (and their two boys) to a local indoor water park resort. Since I wasn't there, I cannot attest to the accuracy of Jackson's retelling, but here's his narrative from the experience: 

We went to McDonalds for dinner. We both got the same toy: peckers. [I'm dying inside a little while typing this.] You could also have fried french fries and burgers.

Yesterday we went to Camouflage [Great Wolf Lodge]. There was a lot of fun stuff. There was a kid play area and a baby play area. There was warm water and squirters and boats you could ride on. There was a slide that had water attached. I liked the water slide the best. We went up the slide by ourselves. I slid down and I accidentally sinked. I liked when I went under water. I did not get to go down the blue or orange slide. Jason said we needed to be one more [inch] grown and then we could go down there. The water got deeper. We picked life jackets to swim in the pool.

We went to the arcade. We got to play dinosaur games. What else we played was shooting the boats. They had water guns to shoot the wolves, not the sheep. We won tickets and we got a lot of them. We put them all in a machine and we got Airheads. That's all. 

I did not have fun bowling because I did not knock down any. Every time I only knocked down one or three pins. Clifford was only there to bite the floor.

We went back to the hotel and got our pajamas on. Then we brushed our teeth. And then we watched some TV and we went to bed. I slept in there. There was a picture of a jungle and a picture of bears. One picture was a telescope.

I slept up top with Levi. We both sleep up top.

We were still sleeping and Jason and Chrissy yelled, "Wake up!" We didn't even know it was morning yet. All you could eat were doughnuts for breakfast. That's what we had. 

And then Jason and Chrissy called their friends and we played with two more boys. Except they didn't play with me so I snuck up on them. 

We had tacos for lunch.

It was awesome. That's all I'm going to say.


  1. I'm glad he had a great time! The other friends were Adam, Kelly and Helena. I guess he thought Helena was a boy. :-)

    1. Strange since he should know them. He kept saying Liam. Regardless, he had fun. It's taken a full 24 hours for him to recover, though! Thanks again for taking him!