Saturday, January 2, 2016

Anatomy Lessons at Discovery Place

Winter break ends on Monday with the the biggest boys of the house returning to school. One of the last things we wanted to do as a family was go to the museum together. (Technically we went to the museum on NYE but were unable to go inside because of crowds.) Our family membership expired on Thursday and we needed Jesse to renew it so we could get the educator discount. 

We had some unforeseen delays in the parking lot and admission lines, but we eventually entered the exhibits. Jesse has only accompanied us a handful of times, so it was fun for the kids to play with their Daddy. 

Panda bear crafts

"It's raining" aka the sprinkler came on in the rain forest.
Weekends are significantly more crowded uptown, but there are also more programs, demonstrations, and activities available. Jesse wanted us to stay and watch an advanced anatomy lesson. We had front row seats for a fetal pig dissection!

The smell of formaldehyde brought me back to high school days. Disgusting! I kept asking the kids if they wanted to stay. Jackson looked so serious but he was completely engrossed.

Amelia said, "Cut it! Cut the pig!" Maddie was more interested in getting to sit in a rolling chair. I had to hold James because he was a bit too curious as always. I feared he would grab the scalpel. We left after the scientist began pulling out the intestines, describing them as spaghetti.

After seemingly endless days of rain, we took advantage of the sunshine and walked around uptown. It was cold, but we missed outdoor play more than we cared about the cool weather.

I like to stop and point out any sculptures and artwork to Jackson. Jesse and Jack were admiring this enormous mural. Jesse asked Jackson what he thought the picture was. Jack replied, "I think they're learning how to share."

This was our second time visiting this park. Once again, we were the only people there most of the time. The kids love to climb and I love being surrounded by skyscrapers.

Most of all, Jackson loved spending time with his Daddy.

We return to our routine tomorrow with church, cleaning, laundry, packing lunches, and preparing for the week ahead. It's been a busy, fun winter break!

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