Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pretty Pretzel Rods

Dipped pretzel rods are so easy it seems silly to dedicate a whole post to them. However, anytime I bring dipped pretzels to an event, people ask, "You made those?" They look fancy and are so cheap, easy, and only require a microwave.

The only ingredients are pretzel rods, sprinkles of your choice, and candy melts or almond bark. 

The set up includes a glass of candy melts, sprinkles, and wax paper to place the dipped pretzels.

Whether I'm using candy melts or almond bark, I just fill half a glass and microwave 30 seconds at a time, stirring after every increment. It usually takes 90 seconds or less. Then I tip the glass, dunk a pretzel rod, and roll it until it's evenly covered.

Shake the excess candy off, then lay it on the sheet of wax paper. If you're adding sprinkles, immediately sprinkle them on the wet pretzels. The sprinkles will not adhere once the candy begins to dry and harden.

If you have colored sugar or very fine sprinkles, you could pour the sugar on a paper plate and roll the pretzels in the sugar.

If you want to drizzle melted candy/bark on the pretzels, you'll need a squeeze bottle, piping bag with narrow opening tip, or a good ol' fashioned ziploc bag with the corner cut off. I normally used a ziploc bag, but I bought a squeeze bottle for 50 cents. I found it hard to pour the melted candy into the small opening of the bottle, and I wasted a fair amount of candy because it hardened along the bottom of and sides of the bottle. I think I'll stick to ziploc bags.

After drizzling candy back and forth, it will harden like the photo below. Once it's completely cooled, I use a paring knife to cut the excess.

Because I don't like to waste any, I melt and reuse all the scraps.

I used a variety of sprinkles, dipping, and drizzling techniques. It only takes a few minutes for the the candy to harden. You can store them at room temperature or keep them in the refrigerator if it's especially hot in your house.

These particular pretzel rods were for a baby shower, To add a slightly nicer presentation, I stuffed them in a large vase and put one of the girls' elastic hairbows around the bottom. Simple, easy, and pretty.

I looked at multiple Etsy shops and every single shop sold pretzels rods for $1+ each! I made 42 pretzel rods for a mere $8. I love creating attractive food on a budget! 

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