Sunday, January 10, 2016

George Foreman=Game Changer

While I love to cook, most of our meals are made in the crock pot or baked as casseroles. I really don't know how to prepare or cook meat alone as an entree. I've baked chicken with barbecue sauce or fish with lemon pepper seasoning, but that's about it. Meat has usually been part of soups, chili, covered dishes, etc.

Knowing that a healthy diet consists of lean meats and veggies, I realized I needed to find a fast way to cook meat. Not only do I need the food to be fast, it needs to be flavorful so I will actually eat it. I ultimately decided to buy a George Foreman grill because it was on sale at Walmart and we had a gift card. I bought this one after the new year because it has removable plates and is so easy to clean.  I absolutely love it! I have cooked pork chops, chicken breast, and frozen turkey burgers in it so far--all of which took less than ten minutes!

I bought a bunch of chicken on sale at Aldi last week.

I also bought a meat tenderizer for $5. Not only does this tenderize the meat, but it also helps flatten any thicker portions so the meat is a consistent thickness and cooks evenly. 

There were a few nights where I prepped the chicken in marinades. 

The next day I simply pulled the marinated chicken/pork out of the fridge and grilled it in eight minutes. That gave me enough time to prepare a salad or sautee a vegetable

The best part about being able to cook fresh, healthy, delicious food is that I'm not the only one enjoying it. James, in particular, has been feasting on the meats.

This week I hope to grill some squash and peppers as well. I'm also experimenting with different seasonings and marinades. It's exciting for me to be able to quickly prepare healthy meals that I enjoy!

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