Friday, January 15, 2016

Morning Routines

Our morning typically goes as follows:
Sometimes between 3-6 a.m. Amelia and Maddie wake up crying. We bring them into our bed and sleep until 6-7 a.m. Jackson inevitably wakes up when Jesse showers. After Jesse is dressed he gets the kids a snack while I deny that it is time to get up.

I get out of bed between 7:30-8 a.m. after Jesse leaves for work. I make my smoothie, pack Jackson's lunch, get everyone a drink, and make a proper breakfast for the kids.

I get James out of bed by 8:15. The kids eat breakfast while I run upstairs to get dressed and pick out their clothes. Around 8:30 I start the assembly line of diaper changes and getting the trio dressed. I have time for a basic clean up before loading everyone in the van.

It takes 20 minutes to drive to Jackson's preschool. I unbuckle and walk all the kids into school, help Jackson hang his things, tell him bye, then buckle the trio back in the van. This ordeal takes nearly 15 minutes and it is my least favorite part of the day.

The YMCA is only five minutes from Jackson's school. While you would think this would be really convenient, all of the classes I attend are at 10:30, which means I have an hour to kill. In the fall I just took the kids to the nearby parks for 45 minutes. There are plenty of indoor places to go to but driving there and back wouldn't allow any time to play.

The only two free or cheap places I've found a few minutes from the school are the library and Chick-Fil-A. I've been attending morning exercise classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Two of those days are library days. The children's area is filled with puzzles, board books, coloring, etc. I've found the best time to read is when they are all seated at a table doing puzzles and coloring. James has become quite the reader lately. After two years of throwing books, he now sits and flips through every page.

Amelia sat down to color and yelled, "Bacca!" (aka Chewbacca). We're still working on volume control at the library.

Our other indoor place is Chick-Fil-A. You can order three chicken minis for $2. The girls eat their biscuits then give the chicken to James. He happily devours the three nuggets as well as his biscuit.

Then all three explore the play area. They're still too small to climb the top of the structure, but they have fun in other areas.

We then go to the gym. Thankfully the trio love playing and I love group fitness. After working out, we have enough time to head home, cook/eat lunch, and play for a bit before driving back to pick up Jackson. It's nice to be able to break up our morning and interact in different environments, though I wish we spent less time in the van.

That's our typical morning, with the exception of Wednesdays when Jackson doesn't have school. 

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