Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weight Loss Week 1

I plan to make weekly blog posts with exercise and food logs to help keep myself accountable, track progress, and be able to later reference. 

Monday, January 4
B: Green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen pineapple & strawberries)
L: Grilled chicken breast (marinated in Italian dressing), kale salad, sunflower seeds
D: turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas
Snack: diet hot chocolate, a handful of chocolate chips

E: 20 minutes upper body weights, 60 min Zumba class

Notes: The smoothie challenge and new George Foreman were huge successes. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the food I ate. The chocolate chips were stress induced. I was late to pick up Jackson and ended up costing us $65 to repair the garage door that I backed into. Oy!

Tuesday, January 5
B: a few sips of a green smoothie (I do NOT like grapefruit), small handful of almonds
L: leftover turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas
S: 2 cups of popcorn
D: taco salad (romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, seasoned beef, fresh pico de gallo, 1 hard shell broken into pieces), fat-free refried beans

E: 20 minutes weights, 60 min Essentrics class

Notes: I had a pretty bad headache in the afternoon. I suspect it's a wheat/sugar withdrawl, though I'm not intentionally avoiding either of those. I'm drinking plenty of water. Breakfast was disappointing, but the other meals were great. I've really enjoyed the fresh foods the past two days and don't feel as sluggish.

Wednesday, January 6
B: green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen pineapple & strawberries)
S: several bites of a dessert from Hong Kong Bakery
L: taco salad (romaine lettuce, shredded cheese, seasoned beef, fresh pico de gallo, 1/2 hard shell broken into pieces)
D: cube steak (crock pot with cream of mushroom and lipton onion), brown rice, green beans

E: none

Notes: My timing was off today. The kids and I were out and about for too long. I didn't pack a lunch, which led to a completely unnecessary pastry purchase. I ended up eating a really late lunch, then wasn't especially hungry for dinner, but ate it anyway.

Thursday, January 7
B: green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen pineapple & strawberries)
L: kale salad, sunflower seeds, grilled teriyaki
S: 3 sugar cookies
D: grilled pork chops, sauteed cabbage, unsweetened applesauce

E: 60 min Zumba class

Notes: Today was the first time I really had cravings. I decided to bake the rest of the store bought sugar cookies just to get rid of them. I only planned on eating one, but that turned into three. (To be honest, it's normally a dozen.) I also baked for the first time in a week and I wanted to eat all of the chocolate chip banana bread batter. I think I've cleared out all the temptations now.

Friday, January 8
B: 1/2 green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen pineapple, pomegranate), thick slice of banana bread
L: grilled chicken and sauteed cabbage
D: chili (beef, tomatoes, beans) and 2 corn muffins

E: 45 minutes of Shaun T workout videos (part of Cize and Core Speed)

Notes: Pomegranate adds a nice flavor, but does not blend well. Drinking a smoothie while chewing seeds is not appetizing. Other than the smoothie, food was very satisfying. I could have easily eaten half the loaf of banana bread and half a dozen corn muffins. I did eat two servings of both, which is more than I should have, but also significantly less than I wanted.

Saturday, January 9
B: green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen pineapple & strawberries), 1/2 slice of French Toast
L: 1/2 can of Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup, almonds, Lara bar
S: a half dozen lemon drop mini muffins
D: none

E: none

Notes: Jesse ordered pizza for dinner. I planned on eating one slice and a big salad, but I ended up eating so many lemon muffins that I was full. Obviously I should not have consumed all the muffins (which were more like cupcakes), but at least I didn't binge on pizza as well.

Sunday, January 10
B: green smoothie (spinach, water, frozen berries), 1 pancake, 1 slice of turkey bacon
L: large salad (romaine lettuce, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, sunflower seeds, ranch dressing), Lara bar
D: 4 fishsticks, a few bites of mac-n-cheese, small bowl with last of taco salad

E: none

Notes: Sundays are traditionally a hodge podge of cleaning out the refrigerator and eating whatever we have from the week. Dinner choices would have been healthier if I had planned ahead, but it will take a few weeks for me to find a better Sunday routine.

Weekly Weight Loss: -6 lbs

Reflections From the Week:
I never had any strong cravings throughout the week. I didn't deny myself of anything. I'm not tracking any calories, scanning food into apps, or abstaining from any food groups. My previous eating habits were so poor that I should lose weight as long as I'm eating more produce and lean meats than processed foods. Once I start to plateau, I'll mix it up.
The green smoothies in the morning are going really well. After consuming a cup of greens and 1-2 cups of fruit in the morning, it's more motivating to eat well throughout the day. Other than the grapefruit smoothie, I've enjoyed every single meal this week.
I only exercised 4 times this week. I'd like to workout 5-6 times. I'd also like to follow some kind of resistance training. In all of my half marathon training and previous workouts, I've never followed any schedule or known what I was doing with weights.
All in all, it's been a fairly easy first week. I've indulged everyday and I'm totally okay with that.

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