Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Awesome Mail Delivery

I received three completely unexpected items in the mail that have totally made my day.

1. I was caught off guard to open an envelope from our lawyer, which contained a very large refund check.  It was nearly a year ago that the police removed me from my classroom to discuss insurance fraud.  Out of utter fear, we rushed to a lawyer, paid an inordinate fee, and twiddled our thumbs.  I guess the coast is clear.

2. My hands-free pumping bra finally arrived.  I ordered it over a month ago when they were offering a free promotional bra.  I only had to pay S&H and got a $30 Simple Wishes bra for free. 

3. My fellow triplet moms and I are participating in a secret sister gift exchange throughout the year.  The idea is to anonymously send cards and gifts at random times throughout the year, in addition to birthdays and holidays.  We all signed up using Elfster and created wish lists of things we'd like to receive or interest ideas.  I received a package with the following contents:


  1. Happy mail box days are the most fabulous surprise ever! FUN!