Thursday, January 23, 2014

Discovery Place: Water Edition

It's been two weeks since we last visited our favorite museum.  Jackson was in extra whiny form last Wednesday, and the museum was experiencing power outages yesterday.  I promised Jackson would we go, so we left directly from his preschool this afternoon.  This in itself was an undertaking because it required me to pump, prepare bottles, and change diapers earlier than usual.

While I am really proud of Jackson for being completely potty trained, I'd be lying if I said I don't miss the convenience of diapers.  We spent a fair amount of time in the bathroom.  Jackson is always hesitant to poop in public and I forgot the travel potty seat.  I knew he had to go but he just kept going in and sitting down, then saying "I not need to go."  I love opening doors and navigating restroom stalls with a double stroller. 

Jackson cracked me up in the bathroom because he closed the door and said "I do it all by myself.  Ms. Isabelle (his preschool teacher) said this is my private time."  Of course, in my head I kept thinking, "When the hell do I get private time?" 

The babies fed themselves with the help of Clifford and Ducky,

while Maddie and I took selfies in the bathroom.

The water area is directly outside the bathroom, so we spent most of our afternoon there.  The last time Jackson played in this section I was embarrassed by him drinking water from a play cup.  Thankfully, he played well and nothing ended up in his mouth that I saw, anyway

Jackson's favorite TV show is Umizoomi.  He's so funny because he'll randomly say, "Count with me, Mommy.  One, two, three...." We counted the buckets of water as he dumped them out onto the funnel.  He also gets excited when he notices patterns, just like Milli does.  (If you don't know who Milli is, you're missing out on some advanced Pattern Powers.)

The highlight of our outing was allowing the babies to play at the infant water table.  I've always kept the babies in the stroller while letting Jackson lead the way.  Today I decided they should be able to play as well, now that they're big six month olds. 

I use the term "play" loosely.  Mostly they just stared and followed objects as they floated by.  Still, I know it's good for them to feel different textures and temperatures and to see new things.  They reacted with different sounds and expressions as they played.

Maddie was sleeping hard in the Ergo.  I debated whether or not to take her out, but decided to let her sleep.  She's been having a tough time with naps the past few days and has been crying and clingy much more than usual.  I know she'll have plenty more opportunities to play at the museum since it's one of our favorite places to frequent.


  1. I know it's not an easy task, day by amaze me!!!