Thursday, January 9, 2014

Calling Dr. Jack

It's been a bizarre week trying to get back into the swing of things now that Jesse is back to work.  The weather has been so cold that there have been two-hour delays the past few days, which meant no preschool for Jackson.  Add to that the hell that is potty training and we've been all kinds of unpredictable this week.

We finally made it out of the house today to take advantage of the Wonderful Wednesday program after purchasing the Discovery Place Kids membership.  The program this week was about how reptiles adapt to the cold environments.  Though Jackson had the opportunity to touch a coral snake, he was happier to just look.

Jackson could never get bored at this museum.  He's not one of those kids who walk around and simply browse through things.  I have to beg him to move to another play area after 30-45 minutes.  He gets so absorbed in his surroundings and pretend play that he doesn't ever want to leave.  The last time we were there he spent the afternoon working on the car.  Today he spent his time as a doctor.

One of the reasons I love this museum is each play area is thoroughly designed.  Whoever created the stores and offices certainly paid attention to details and incorporated tons of real world items in addition to themed puzzles, books, etc.  Jackson worked on muscular and skeletal puzzles first.

It's obvious Jackson paid attention when he accompanied us to take the babies to the pediatrician. There was a fully clothed baby doll.  Jackson completely undressed her before weighing her.  (FYI, according to Jackson she weighed "two years old".)

Oops, my finger covered the flash.
After weighing the baby, he listened to her heart beat.  He then got distracted with the name badge and asked if it had his name on it.

We reviewed the x-rays and determined the baby had a broken leg.

I guess her leg required surgery.

Jackson had a blast without having any potty accidents.  He even used the public restroom, which has been a major battle lately.  The babies slept most of the time.  I'm so relieved we had a fun outing that didn't require any wardrobe changes.

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  1. Dr. Jackson Harwood...sounds good! I love his face :)