Friday, January 10, 2014

Nom Nom Nom

Jackson is going to eat us out of a house and home soon. He gets stuck in a rut where he eats the same meals for a week or two, then switches to something else.  We go through days on end of cheesy grits and ravioli, then cereal and chicken nuggets with mac-n-cheese.  Lately, breakfast has consisted of oatmeal and a banana.  He also eats an apple a day (peeled but not sliced).  His new lunch kick has been a cheese quesadilla with sour cream and/or salsa.  I fixed him one for the first time a few days ago because we ran out of sliced cheese for a grilled cheese.  He has requested it every day since. 

The three of us have been devouring dinners lately.  Homemade chili, chicken tetrazzini, shepherd's pie, and tacos have been on the menu for the week.  Everything tastes exceptionally good when I actually follow recipes to add onion powder, garlic, thyme, rosemary, etc.  I also tried this oven-fried chicken recipe with baked potatoes. Yum!

Since introducing rice cereal two weeks ago, the babies have enjoyed mashed bananas, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal cereal.  It always takes a while to gain variety since foods must be introduced individually for several days in order to rule out any allergies or bad reactions.  I aim to give them solids twice a day, but there have been a few days where they've only had a morning feed.

The high chairs are more trouble than they're worth right now. It's easiest for me to put the babies in bumbos and form a semi-circle using the coffee table and side table.  I've also figured out James, our impatient eater, does best in the middle.  That way I can feed him every other time (i.e. Amelia, James, Maddie, James, Amelia, James, Maddie, etc).  Amelia is still the best eater and actually swallows the most food.  Maddie is the most unpredictable. 

I plan to continue making their own baby food since it's significantly cheaper and they'll be eating a large quantity before too long.  Our next foods will likely be carrots, then apples. 

Happy eating, everyone!

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