Thursday, January 30, 2014

More Firsts: Sunshine and Snow

With sunny skies and a temperature of 64° on Monday, we headed to the park.  I was determined to have a more successful experience with the quad stroller.  I'm happy to report we didn't have any major trouble this time around.

Maddie fell asleep again, but I put James and Amelia in the swing for the first time.  I wish I had taken video of Jackson.  He was absolutely precious pushing the swing back and forth and playing with them.  He would let Amelia kick him when she swung in his direction, then fall down laughing.  He had both of them giggling. 

I hesitate to mention that I had Jackson pee behind a tree not once, but twice.  We were out for a long time and this particular park has a half mile walking loop.  When nature calls...

We continued our spring-like day with a trip to SweetFrog for some frozen yogurt.  It took three people to push and pull the stroller through the narrow doorway.  It's hard enough not to cause a scene when you're toting around four small children, never mind getting a massive stroller stuck through a doorway.  I just wanted to leave, but the stroller was wedged halfway through the entry and the employees ran up and pulled it entirely inside.  While Jack and I enjoyed the yogurt, I felt a bit foolish (again) knowing I was going to have to repeat the process just to get back to the parking lot.

The crazy weather pendulum swung the opposite way the following day with a high of 31° and a forecast of snow.  All the schools in the area closed early on Tuesday and were cancelled on Wednesday and Thursday.  Our snowfall was minimal.  Of course, I wanted to get a picture of the babies in their first snow, but I waited too long.  Over half of the snow had already melted after their morning nap.

Jackson was pretty apathetic about the snow.  He was more interested in feeding the babies Gerber puffs and trying to find his Batman gloves.

We have yet another "snowday" tomorrow which means no preschool for Jack or work for Jesse.  Who knows what adventures we'll find ourselves in... 

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