Friday, April 18, 2014

3 Year Well Check

We took Jackson to his 3 year well-check yesterday. I was surprised at how much he was asked to do by the nurse and doctor. He completed the following requests:
  • stood on the scale barefoot for height and weight checks
  • provided a urine sample in a cup (good thing he's potty trained!)
  • stood still while the nurse took his blood pressure
  • brushed fluoride on his teeth
  • attempted to identify shapes on a vision test (When asked "What do you see?" he replied "Nothing" and "Shape")
  • drew a circle and an x
  • jumped up and down
  • bent at the waist and touched his toes
  • walked on his tip toes and on the heels of his feet
He also had to answer the following questions:
  • Do you know your name? (refused to answer)
  • Can you tell me some fruits and vegetables you eat? ("bananas and apples")
  • Do you sleep in your bed? ("yes")
  • Do you use the potty? ("yes")
  • Do you put your clothes on by yourself? ("yes")
  • Do you brush your teeth? ("yes")
  • What is the name of one of your friends? (He named his BFF from school and Geo from UmiZoomi)
  • Are you a girl or a boy? Is Mommy a girl or a boy? Is Daddy a girl or a boy?
I expressed concerns about social/separation anxiety because Jackson will NOT play in an enclosed area where there are multiple people he does not know. He still gets upset when we leave him at the church nursery. He doesn't transition well. The pediatrician told me to keep taking him places and exposing him to different people. The behavior was common among three year olds, but it would not be typical if he refused to go to the places (i.e. park, church, rec center) for fear of other people being there.

Our other concern was allergies and frequent complaints from Jackson that his eyes are burning. She gave us a prescription for liquid Claritin that is covered by Medicaid.

We were asked if we wanted Jackson to receive the flu vaccine. We declined since we had repeatedly promised Jackson he would not receive any shots. We'll just wait until next flu season begins.

Here is Jacskson's growth since birth and some pictures from his doctor visit:

8 lb, 15 oz
21.75 in
1 Month
11 lb, 1 oz
23.25 in
2 Month
12 lbs, 15 oz
25 in
4 Month
14 lbs, 4 oz
25.75 in
6 Month
16 lbs
27 in
9 Month
19 lbs
29 in
12 Month
21 lbs, 5 oz
30 in
15 Month
23.2 lbs
31.5 in
18 Month
24 lbs, 15 oz
33 in
2 Years
27 lb
34.5 in
3 Years
31 lb, 8 oz
37.5 in

Nurse asked if she could "hug his arm". BP was 72/40
Waiting for the doctor, showing Geo around
Getting to pick out a sticker at the end

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