Wednesday, April 16, 2014

9 Month Well Check

The trio had their 9 month well check. The entire family went since Jesse is on spring break. Jackson was especially grumpy and ended up falling asleep in the van. We knew waking him up would cause more difficulties, so Jesse stayed with him in the van while I took the babies inside. 

Their "6 month check" was a few days shy of 7 months. We're back on track now since the babies just turned 9 months old yesterday. In just over two months, each baby has gained over two pounds. James and Amelia weighed less than they did at their sick visit the other week, but that is because they were weighed wearing clothes and full diapers. They are always weighed completely naked for well checks.

James-17 lb, 6 oz and 2'5" 
The only concern I had with James is that he frequently coughs while eating. He mostly seems to shovel down food and eat so quickly, but there have been a few times where we've had to do a finger sweep and smack his back because he seems to be choking. She said she wasn't concerned yet since he wasn't aspirating on liquids. If it is a regular occurrence at 12 months, she will refer to a SLP.

Amelia-16 lb, 11 oz and 2'3"
My concern with Amelia is that when she is sitting up unassisted she does great for a few minutes, then suddenly falls over with no warning. She never seems to correct herself or try to catch herself. The pediatrician had Amelia sit up on her own until she began to fall over. She assured us that was normal for a beginning sitter and not to worry.

Madeline-13 lb, 5 oz and 2'2"
My questions regarding Maddie now extend to the neurologist and physical therapist. Nothing new was addressed. We were happy with her weight gain. Her reflux is manageable, though she continues to take Prevacid twice a day. The pediatrician did try to get Maddie to pull up to a standing position, which was ridiculous. We're aware that Maddie is on a different time frame, but the gap is smaller than it was two months ago. 

The trio had two vaccines (Prevnar 13 and Pediarix). They are now up-to-date on all vaccinations. 

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