Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mini-Golf: Take Two

After 36 hours of spraying Lysol, steam mopping, and bleaching soiled laundry, all was well with our home again.  While I couldn't have prevented a stomach bug, I did learn a few things from our failed attempt to go to the park on Monday.  I decided to go first thing in the morning and to bring the quad stroller. 

We were all in good moods to begin with, but I was even happier when the office manager handed me the ball and clubs and told me there was no charge.  Free mini-golf? I'll take it!

Jackson's first time mini-golfing was quite comical to watch. Thank God nobody else was on the course or we would have had to leave.  He zigzagged from one hole to the next, in no particular order. He swung the club around a few times unsuccessfully.

Then he picked up the ball and dropped it in the hole.

When I discouraged him from doing that, he decided kicking it would yield greater success.

Then Jack found a stick to use as a club.

I gave up on playing the game myself but I was highly entertained watching and redirecting Jack. When we got to the 18th hole, I tried to warn him that he wouldn't be able to get his ball back.  This was cause for some serious investigations.

After golfing, we toured the various playgrounds. 

Jackson was excited to use the chair swing.

Each baby got a turn swinging, but Amelia was by far the most amused. She just laughed and laughed.

The weather was gorgeous, but HOT.  Apparently NC is bypassing spring and rolling straight into summer.

James and Maddie shared toys in the stroller.

Jackson and I found a big open field to throw our ball around. I tried to teach him the game of jacks where you throw the ball up and clap before you catch it. He said, "Silly, Mommy. I'm Jack, not the ball." I guess it went over his head. (pun intended)

This particular park also has a large lake where you can go fishing.  We don't own any fishing gear, but Jackson tried to fish with a very large stick. We saw turtles, fish, frogs, and ducks.

The boys rested on some rocks while I snapped the cutest photo ever.  I promise this was candid!

We were all enjoying ourselves so much that I lost track of time.  By the time I realized how late it was we were a very long way from the parking lot. Keep in mind, the quad stroller alone weighs over 80 pounds.  The combined weight of all four kids is 75 pounds.  Now imagine pushing that weight up large hills on trails covered with loose pebbles.  I was drenched and breathless by the time we got to the van.

At least the kids were able to get some rest.

I'm so, so happy that our second attempt was a success!

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