Sunday, April 6, 2014

Maddie's PT: First Impressions

Maddie had her first session of physical therapy at home on Thursday.  Based on that one session, I'm highly unimpressed.  Here's why:
  • When the PT called to schedule the appointment, she asked if noon would work.  I asked how long the session would last and I clearly stated I had to leave by 12:45 to pick up my son from preschool. She promised to come at 11:45 a.m. just to be safe.  She arrived at my house at 12:20 on Thursday.
  • By the time the PT arrived, Maddie was getting hungry again and James and Amelia were beginning to wake from their nap.  Maddie had already been playing on the floor and sitting up before she arrived, so she was over floor time.
  • The PT continued to say, "Well, when she's in a better mood we can try..."  Newsflash, Maddie HATES tummy time and will never be in a good mood when you put her on her stomach. We're going to have to try things in short intervals.
  • The advice I was given to increase Maddie's endurance during tummy time was to use a boppy, rolled up towel, or lay her on my chest.  Thanks for those tips. Google told me to do that six months ago.  It's not working.  That's why we hired a physical therapist!
  • When I asked what our permanent schedule would be, the PT complained that she added five new clients this week and they all requested services on Tuesday morning. We selected this PT based on her availability on Tue/Thu. morning, but wound up with the next session on a Wednesday, and nothing the following week.   
Let's hope next week proves to be a more positive experience.

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