Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Four Kids 2 and Under

It's my last chance to say that. Unless, of course, we have another child within the next two years.  ;)

The past nine months have been quite a journey in raising three infants and a toddler. I think back upon what Jackson was like nine months ago and realize how far we've come. Adjusting to life with three newborns was a hell of a learning curve for all of us. In those early weeks it seemed as though Jack spent more time in time-out than not. The babies cried more often than not. Our bad days outnumbered our good days for the first few months. We all had to grow up in aspects that none of us were quite ready for.

Now that my first baby is about to turn three, I'm amazed at what an outstanding big brother and little boy he has become. I'm equally amazed at how much the triplets have grown. I can't adequately express what the past nine months have been like.  I suspect I'll be hard-pressed to find another time in my life that is more challenging and fulfilling as this.

A snapshot of Jackson's final day as a 2 year old

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  1. Jackson has grown so much, I love him so much he is a very special little guy!