Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Library Story Time

We just so happened to be at the library yesterday right before toddler story time. We elected to stay, even though none of the kids fall in the specified age range (18 month-3 year old). It was definitely unplanned, and quite entertaining with four mobile kids. I haven't taken the kids in nearly a year because Jackson was at the height of crazy tantrums last fall. I had good intentions of taking the triplets to baby story time when Jack started preschool, but story time conflicted with the nap time. They have a strict "no stroller" rule so my first obstacle was getting all four kids in the room. 

Jackson was in the zone. He hung on every word the librarian said and participated with genuine enthusiasm. Jack was the oldest and proudly identified the colors, shapes, modes of transportation, etc. 

Maddie was a model baby who clapped during "If You're Happy and You Know It", smiled as the books were read, and played with her bean bag during the "Bean Bag Dance". 

And then there was James, who felt personally obligated to test every lock on every filing cabinet, cupboard, and drawer.

When I retrieved him, I got this reaction:

Desperate to avoid taking him out, I let him continue exploring.

Amelia spent most of her time exploring the wall outlets.

Mr. Perfect Pupil was just as excited over a sticker as he was last year. His enthusiasm was contagious.

After lunch and some brief downtime we had an impromptu playdate at the park. Jackson alternated between playing with friends and secluding himself. My happy little introvert...

I talked to mom friends and took advantage of the extra hands so I could give the babies more freedom.

Not surprisingly, the trio took a long afternoon nap and Jackson watched TV on the couch when we returned.

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