Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Personal Hell

Friday: The ONLY thing Jackson eats is 3/4 a sprinkle doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

Friday Night: We wake up to hear Jackson vomiting in bed. After a change in pajamas and bedding, everyone sleeps.

Saturday: Jackson throws up a few more times and has lots of nasty poops.

Sunday: All is well. Receive an email from Jackson's teacher stating:
I was just wondering if your child was vomiting last Thursday/Friday?  I have been informed there were several from our class that were! :(  I just want you to know I sanitize, wash and wipe hands frequently!
Monday: After hosting a play date and going to the rec center, Maddie projectile vomits a half-gallon or more. I begin to ache and my stomach feels twisted in knots.

Monday Night: We awake to hear James crying. He's also thrown up and requires a change in sheets and pajamas. I sleep (an interrupted) eleven hours.

Tuesday: Jackson goes to school. Triplets are clingy but otherwise seem fine. I cancel CBRS therapy just to be safe. I continue to feel like I've been run over by a truck and am nauseous.

Tuesday Night: We awake three different times to discover James, Maddie, and Jackson have thrown up in bed.

Wednesday: James throws up a few more times. Jackson stays home from school. When he's not in the bathroom he is glued to the couch. Amelia has two diaper blow outs that require impromptu baths. Jesse is nauseous and achy. Maddie has no energy and her eyes look sunken in. I cancel PT.

Wednesday Night: Please, please God, let this virus be over!

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