Thursday, September 18, 2014

Park and Museum Ramblings

When asked, "Where would you like to go today?", Jackson will almost always reply, "the museum!" Since we have a family membership I take the kids every 1-2 weeks. The trio and I spent the morning at the coffee shop with some friends, which meant they had a late morning nap. I packed a lunch for the babies. After picking Jack up, we headed to the museum. We stopped by the park around the corner from the museum so I could let Jackson play while I changed the babies diapers and fed them lunch. 

We were the only van in the parking lot. I let Jackson run ahead and start playing while I changed each babies' diaper in the front seat of the van. A police officer pulled up beside me. I was incredibly anxious and felt like the police officer was going to say something about me letting Jackson play by himself even though I could see him. After I justified that I wasn't doing anything wrong I double checked to make sure Jesse put the updated registration sticker on the van. My paranoia was replaced by embarrassment when another car pulled up and the police officer quickly got out to grab his toddler and kiss his wife. To continue my crazy thought process, I then regretted not asking if Jackson could see inside his car. We've never been to a police station or in a police car, though Jackson has certainly asked.

We played no more than 15 minutes, then drove around the corner to the museum. We strayed from our usual routine. I somehow managed to avoid using the stroller for over an hour. All four kids weaved in and out of each play area. There were a few stressful moments when one would venture the opposite direction, but they really stayed together and played well most of the time.

Jackson tried to play doctor, but was annoyed that Amelia wouldn't stay on the scale.

I was utterly amused when Maddie Moo found interest in the cow. (HA! Puns intended.)

We interacted with a friendly mother and toddler for several minutes. While her son played with James and Amelia, the mother invited me to Little Gym. She really emphasized how much her 18 month old had gained from weekly classes so I finally asked her how much it cost. She answered, "We only paid $400 for the whole year for him, but I know they offer discounts for multiples." WHAT?!?!

Jackson briefly followed some strange exercise video for kids.

All four spent the longest amount of time in the restaurant. Jackson and I bake and cook together almost daily, so I'm always happy to let him take the lead in the play kitchen and hear his narrations while he "cooks". Yesterday Jesse said, "You know when we [Jesse and Jackson] were making pancakes he said, 'Now we add the wet ingredients'" I laughed and replied, "Of course he did. He knows what he's doing." I'm always proud of my sous-chef.

The trio practiced going up and down stairs while Jackson put his costumes on back stage. Jack put on quite a fashion show for us.

The only time I strapped the babies in the stroller was when we were in the grocery store. It was too open yet had too many hiding spots. When Jackson rang up the groceries the register actually showed an owed amount of $90,000,000!

Our final stop was the water table. James is notorious for drenching everyone in close proximity. To say that he splashes water is an understatement. James' entire outfit and Maddie's shirt was saturated.

Jackson fell asleep in the car. I let him sleep while I carried the babies inside since I knew he would need his energy for a night with his cousin, Levi.  After inhaling pizza the boys played together outside.

Their energy did not dwindle after we put the triplets to bed.

In fact, it's 8 pm and they're still going strong!

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