Saturday, September 27, 2014

Pumpkin Patch: Opening Weekend

After 36 hours without any vomiting, we finally got out of the house today! Jesse wanted to go to a community yard sale at his school so we took the whole family this morning. Along the way I realized two things:
1. The pumpkin patch opens the last weekend in September.
2. Jesse's work is only five minutes away from a pumpkin patch.
After the yard sale we went to the pumpkin patch to look around. We were a bit disappointed to find perfect pumpkins neatly displayed--with UPC stickers on the bottom! We showed Jackson all of the small, green pumpkins growing on the vines.  I will definitely return to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks because:
1. I want to be surrounded by fields of orange pumpkins growing on the vines.
2. I have to dress the babies in coordinating clothes so I can take cute pictures.
3. Official season doesn't start until October so they didn't have the hay maze, kettle corn, etc.
4. Jesse does not share my same love for the pumpkin patch so I prefer to go when the babies first wake up and I can take my time.
We still had plenty of fun and enjoyed our first pumpkin patch of the season.

Happy Fall!


  1. That shot of Jackson on the hay--perfection!!

  2. Love the pictures....I'm glad everyone is feeling better!