Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day Photo Fun

For Jesse's first Father's Day, I did the classic D-A-D photo. We've had it hanging in our living room for three years now. While Jesse loved it, it felt antiquated. I wanted to recreate it with all four kids this year. 

The kids and I headed to A.C. Moore to pick out letters and paint. Jackson "helped" paint the letters red. 

My sister and her children helped entertain the babies so we could capture a decent individual shot of each kid. Maddie wasn't a fan of sitting in the grass. She required bubbles to occupy her. Not surprisingly, she was happier to eat the letter. 

Amelia was in good spirits and easy to photograph.

James, who is constantly smiling, was very somber during his photo shoot. We tried blowing bubbles, bouncing balls, feeding him ham and cheese, and dancing. This kid would not lighten up. At least he sat still, which is unusual for him.

Jackson was pretty straight forward. He wouldn't cross his legs so his underwear still showed. I'm thankful he didn't pick those three minutes to refuse to cooperate.

Thanks to the help of family, I was able to capture decent photographs of all four kids in fifteen minutes. Editing is where the real fun begins. I chose to do a red color splash with the classic black and white photos. The entire project (letters, paint, printed photos, and frame) cost under $15. Here's the finished piece:

I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I hope that every time Jesse looks at it he is reminded of the reciprocal love between father and children. I don't know if it is Jesse of the children who are more blessed to have the other.

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