Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mommy-Jack Date

It's been a while since Jackson and I have spent any time together just the two of us. More and more I feel like I'm just supervising the four kids, rather than actually interacting with them. I'm putting out fires and herding sheep instead of giving anyone individual attention. The unfortunate truth is that once the triplets go to sleep, I am mentally done for the day and zone out. The last half hour before Jackson goes to bed is Jesse's time with him. Needless to say, Jack and I were overdue for a date.

This morning Jackson and I made big plans to pick out birthday gifts for his cousins. He was so sweet and kept saying, "Livie would love this!" "Oh, this is perfect for Levi." I was relieved and proud that he never once suggested getting himself something. He seemed genuinely happy picking out gifts for family. At the checkout line he told the cashier that we were buying birthday gifts and we were going to parties and we would eat cake. He's quite the chatty child nowadays.

Afterwards we picked up some items for a special Valentine craft project and ran into the adjacent pet store. We both fell in love with this friendly kitten. Of course we already have a cat and aren't really looking to spend $100 to adopt another pet.

Jesse requested we pick up something from the Dollar Store (located in the same strip mall), so Jackson and I picked up his things and grabbed some chocolate in the checkout line. We drove across the street to Denny's for our lunch date. After pulling into a parking space approximately four minutes later, Jackson looked like this:

I held his wrist in the parking lot and took him straight to the bathroom before getting a table. What a silly kid! Jackson acts the same whether his siblings are around or not. I, however, do not. I am a lot more relaxed and attentive when I don't have three toddlers to look after. (Shocking, I know.) We had plenty of time to color and talk during our thirty minute wait. (Yes, THIRTY minutes!) We discussed everything there is to possibly know about penguins, thanks to his penguin-themed kid's menu. Did you know there are penguins that live in southern Africa?

Jackson ate every bit of his spaghetti and goldfish, and some of my lunch!

Our busy morning concluded with Jackson falling asleep in the car.

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