Monday, November 28, 2011


Jesse and I received a promotional coupon for Ikea in the mail quite some time ago.  It expired today and everyone and their mother must have been waiting 'til the last minute like us.  The place was more crowded than the Renaissance Festival!  I wasn't seeking anything in particular and definitely didn't need anything, but I couldn't let a $25 gift card go to waste.

I purchased:
8 hangers
6 small plastic bowls for Jackson
4 handheld brooms/dustpans for my classroom (My students are obsessed!)
2 watering cans (Odd request for a niece.)
9 small, colorful candles (Secret Santa for women of the church Christmas party)
a long, rectangular candle holder
huge Ikea bag
2 hot dogs, bag of chips, a drink
frozen yogurt cone

After the gift card, my total cost was 50 cents!

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