Saturday, November 12, 2011

Why the Renaissance Festival Was a Bad Idea

I decided to take Jackson to the Renaissance Festival for our weekend adventure.  It was not one of our better outings.  Here is why:

1.  Parking was absurd!  Luckily I had the foresight to count the rows so I could find my car again.  I parked 23 rows past the fork in the road.  (It was probably another 20 more rows to get to the park entrance.)

2. The huge crowds made pushing a stroller around next to impossible.  I debated between the Ergo and the jogging stroller but decided the stroller would be better so Jackson could see out.  I'm not so sure that was the right choice.  Despite having to use the bathroom immensely, I never did because I refused to leave Jackson outside the portapotty and I sure wasn't going to take him inside with me.  The stroller also prohibited me from joining lines, going up stairs to the amphitheaters, or easily navigating the crowds.

3. My favorite part of the Renaissance Festival turns out to be Jackson's least favorite.  We had great seats on the front row for jousting.  Apparently heckling drunkards, cheering crowds, and stampeding horses is too much excitement for a baby.  (He wasn't scared or crying, just apathetic and tired.)

4. Jackson has been working through a cold the past few days.  He was especially congested after being outside all afternoon.  I continued to clean his nose, much to his disliking.  While waiting for the joust he projectile vomited a mixture of formula and mucous.  After the joust he was so tired and cranky he was teary eyed and coughing.  Jackson's afternoon nap was definitely interrupted.  Not the best timing...

5. The biggest and most obvious reason why the afternoon wasn't the best plan is because Jackson is only seven months old!  One day he will want to walk around with a sword, dressed as a pirate.  One day he will enjoy throwing tomatoes at the jester, riding camels, eating turkey legs, and watching a sword swallower.  Today was not that day.   

With all that said, Jackson absolutely LOVED the petting zoo.  I can't imagine what it was like for him to be at eye level with such large animals.  He was able to touch goats, sheep, and a horse.  His love for animals makes him absolutely light up!  (Notice how high his cheeks are from smiling in the second photo.)

Here's to next year...

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  1. I think you just earned your parental wings for that adventure. Brave mama.