Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stomach Bug from Hell

Last Friday Jackson spent the day at the Apple's house.  Apparently he (and 12 others) caught the plague.  His symptoms didn't show until Sunday after church, where he began vomiting profusely.  That "big boy breakfast" I blogged about came back in a big, bad way.  Both Jackson and I went through multiple baths and wardrobe changes.  At one point we both just sat naked together with a towel around us because there was no point getting dressed again.  While holding Jackson, I could actually feel his tiny body convulsing with each retching.  Shockingly, he just smiled and babbled after each session.  After the vomiting ceased once and for all, Jack passed out on the floor.  (He was clearly exhausted since he never falls asleep on the floor like this!)

I am a total hypochondriac when it comes to throwing up or stomach bugs.  I took every precaution by stripping the sheets, bleaching the floors, and lysoling the couch--though I knew our fate.  I placed mint gum and pepto bismal on the bathroom counter and lined the trashcans in preparations for my turn with the virus from hell.  To my relief, I felt fine Sunday night and all day Monday. 

Silly me thought I had somehow escaped the plague, despite literally being covered in Jackson's vomit multiple times.  Then at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, all hell broke loose.  Stubborn me still thought I could go to work.  Afterall, stomach bugs are known for passing quickly and I have an assistant from 8:30-10:30 every morning.  Unfortunately I had to pull over off the interstate twice before actually making it to school.  I got sick every 15-20 minutes while at school, but still thought I might make it.  My principal saw me while making copies and actually told me to go home.  One of my colleagues brought me a Bojangles biscuit and just the smell of it sent me running back to the bathroom.  I always welcome my students at the door and greet them by name.  Yesterday my students came up to me with my head down on my desk asking if I was okay. 

I got home close to 10 a.m. and felt miserable.  Jackson was in the exersaucer and gave me the absolute biggest smile when he saw me.  I walked right past him and started up the stairs.  Poor guy started wailing when I ignored him.  I felt so bad.  I tried to pick Jackson up but I swear he weighed 500 lbs.  Jesse had to drop Jackson off with my sisters because I was not a functioning human. 

I spent the entire day in bed.  The actual stomach portion of the virus didn't last as long as the fever/sweating/shaking/aching part.  My fever spiked to 102.  In 38 hours I had 1/2 a glass of water and half a bag of popcorn.  I somehow managed to pick Jackson up from my sister's house before crashing again. 

Jesse caught a milder version last night.  While he still felt miserable, thankfully it only lasted a few hours and wasn't accompanied by a fever.  Praise God this virus has passed and we are able to enjoy time off work and Thanksgiving together.

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