Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sam's Club and Playmat

Jesse, Jackson, and I were able to go to Sam's Club this morning together.  I've been trying to get a membership card but Jesse never added me to the household.  We needed to pick up some formula and rolls for Thanksgiving dinner anyway.  Jackson looked tiny in the giant buggy.  I think I'll just have to do a lot of Sam's shopping when we have another child.

One of the free "samples" given out was yogurt.  Ever curious Jackson saw me eat it, became fascinated, and ended up taking it from me.  I gave him a few bites and he loved it!  I'm afraid he has a sweet tooth just like his mama.
I love seeing Jackson's reaction to different things.  He has always been so observant and seems to be a sponge absorbing his surroundings.  He liked to look at the books, feel the stuffed animals, and try and take the food samples away.  He got so excited when Jesse showed him the Gerber puffs; he clearly knew what they were!
Once home, I dug out a puzzle piece floor mat that we were given before Jackson was born.  I realized that Jackson doesn't like to be on his tummy because he is quite foreful when rolling over and ends up slamming his head on the hardwood floors.  He is much better upstairs on the carpet.  Jackson was really active and content for quite a while--until he wiggled off the playmat and thumped his head on the hardwood.  Oh well...

Jesse and I still don't have much of an appetite, but hopefully we will tomorrow.  So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hi, found ur blog on bcc! I think your some is ADORABLE and really love that I found another blogger that seems to talk about their kids the same as I do! Leaving love from my blog:)