Saturday, November 26, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

While I wrapped all the presents last night, Jesse put up the Christmas tree.  This is a frustrating task every year, as inevitably the lights don't work, the cats get in the way, and the branches don't quite fluff out right.

After the tree was assembled and the gifts were wrapped, we dug out the ornaments.  Jesse and I each picked one ornament to help Jackson hang.  Jack was so intrigued by the texture of the tree, the bright lights, and the dangling ornaments. 

He seemed to approve of his work.  Love him!

We all had a very busy Black Friday!  The boys were off their sleep schedule and getting increasingly cranky.  Jesse and I finished decorating downstairs after we put Jackson to bed.  It wasn't too much longer before Jesse went to bed while I listened to Christmas music and admired the tree.  I recall sitting in the living room with my mother with all the lights off doing the same thing.  There is something very peaceful and happy about these memories.

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