Saturday, November 30, 2013

30 Days of Thanksgiving

November and I have had a love-hate relationship.  The babies have become less predictable with sleep patterns, which throws our whole schedule off.  Constant congestion has created frustrating feedings.  I developed mastitis and thought I might be dying.  I had to supplement with formula for the first time in four months.  I still can't schedule a doctor's appointment for the babies.  We can't get Maddie's Prevacid refilled.  Jackson's Thanksgiving feast was cancelled because of power outages. And on and on...

Despite challenges, we continue to have blessings in abundance.  This month, I have been thankful for:

1. Getting to watch these sweet faces react to their first beach trip and swimming experience.

2. Waking up to this view two days this month.

3. Taking Christmas pictures.  Even though I didn't capture the ideal image I had in mind, we were all able to have a sense of humor about it in the end.

4. Witnessing a loving father in action.  It was especially nice to have Jesse home for six consecutive days.

5. Enjoying multiple days of 70 degree weather at the park.

6. Clearing up Amelia's stubborn diaper rash with nightly baking soda baths.

7. Watching our silliest James master rolling over.

8. Jackson requesting that I take pictures of him with his brother and sisters.  (Confessions from a bad mom: I kept trying to get Jack to leave so I could take the babies' four month photo.)

9. Listening to these two jabber back and forth nonstop.  I sure do love my girls!

Why yes, that would be spit up all over Maddie's shirt.  Surprised?
10. Finding something that entertains James and Amelia during tummy time.  Hello, Catch Me Kitty.

11. Enjoying walks around the neighborhood, even on cold days.

12. Catching Jackson doing sweet things like reading the trio a story.  (So what if they weren't looking?)

13. Packing away all of the preemie and newborn clothes.  Maddie might be the runt, but she's certainly outgrown her first outfit.

14. Taking time to bake and decorate cookies on a rainy Wednesday.

15. Knowing that my kids have the best cousins to play with and learn from.

16. Indulging in two different Thanksgiving feasts on two different days.

17. Discovering that Jackson genuinely enjoys vacuuming out the van.  So helpful!

18. Admiring God's creation during my favorite season.

19. Laughing nonstop on the best date night in a long time.  I pray that I will never take my family for granted for volunteering to watch the kids. 

20. Meeting up with friends and fellow mommies at monthly play dates.

21. Being confident enough to take Jackson for a haircut while wearing Maddie in the Ergo, rocking James and Amelia in their carseats with my feet, and holding Jackson still in my lap.  Bless the hairdresser at Great Clips!

22. Jesse taking the initiative to get my engagement ring fixed and have my wedding ring resized.  I haven't worn either ring since I was pregnant with Jackson so I'm elated to wear such sentimental rings once again.

23. Two words: Magic. Shell. (nom nom nom)

24. Receiving free tickets to the circus and being able to enjoy it with Jackson.

25. Decorating a bit earlier.  Jesse uncharacteristically became the most festive person ever, demanding that all Christmas decorations be up before Thanksgiving. 

Hanging the babies' first ornament.
26. Starting new Christmas traditions with Jackson.

27. Falling in love with cooking/making meals that taste and look this good:

28. Having a total stranger approach our family, pick up our bill, pay for our lunch, and walk out.  I love random acts of kindness (almost as much as K&W mashed potatoes).

29. Purchasing this silicone spatula for $2.  I can't believe how much food was washed down the sink because I couldn't scrape it out of the bowl with my old plastic spatulas.  Seriously, best kitchen utensil ever!

30. Passing National Boards.  I'm not going to trivialize this accomplishment.  Even though I'm not currently teaching, it feels amazing to be recognized for years of hard work.

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