Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"What did you just say?"

Per request from my sister, here's a list of some of the crazy comments people have felt so inclined to make:

During pregnancy

Shopper at Ross while staring at my insanely large belly:
"You must be having twins!"
     "Actually, triplets"
"Did you plan that?"

Conversation with a mother in my April 2011 Birth Club:
"When are you due?"
     "August 5, but I have a scheduled C-section for 37 weeks."
"I've never understood elective C-sections.  You ought to let the babies decide."
(While I 100% agree with her statement, she clearly didn't realize how incredible 37 weeks with triplets truly is!  Very, very little about my pregnancy was "elective".)

Stranger in the mall when I was 7 months pregnant:
"Oh girl.  You look like you are ready to pop."
    "Actually, I hope to make it another two months."
"How many are in there?"
"I had a ten pound baby so I know how you feel!"

Unsolicited advice from another triplet mom:
"There's no difference between 34 and 36 weeks.  You're going to need that time to recover while they are in the NICU."

Fifth grader in my class when finding out I was pregnant with triplets:
"So they got three different daddies?"

Since having the triplets

Lady at mall:  (I was wearing Maddie and had James and Amelia in double stroller.)
    "Triplets." pointing to Ergo
"Oh my God.  I would kill myself."

Comment from a friend of the family:
"Triplets?  I don't know if I should give you my congratulations or condolences!"

Man at grocery store who randomly walked up to me:
"I'll pray for you." 

College student:
"What do you do when they are all hungry?"
     "Feed them."

Conversation with a new church member:
"What do the babies eat?"
"All of them?"
"They must be starving."
     "Excuse me?"
"You can't make enough!"

Stranger while shopping:
"Aww!  What do you have?  Girls?  Boys?"
     "Two girls and a boy"
"Are they all identical?"  
Older woman at church in mid-August:
"Who's home with the babies?"
     "They are in the nursery."
"You took them out already?"
     "Yes. They're a month old."
"Those babies are going to catch a cold.  Take them home."

Comment from old lady at a restaurant:
"Triplets? You and your husband must go at it like rabbits!"

Most frequent question from dozens of strangers"
"Are they natural?"  (FYI, the correct term is "spontaneous".  No triplet mom has plastic children.)


  1. The old lady should be glad she was old, because this MiMi was going to go at her like the crazy MiMi that I can be!! Oh dear.....

  2. Don't you just love people? My personal favorite was a lady at the mall who ignorantly ranted about people using "that in vetro stuff" pretty much "asking for it" when they wind up like Octomom.

    Wow, lady. First, Octomom was an IUI gone horribly wrong. Second, IVF doesn't mean you're asking for irresponsible ART and medical practice. Third, you asked if my babies were natural. I said yes. You incorrectly assumed that I didn't have assistance merely because I think you're an idiot and wish to avoid sharing my personal details with someone who clearly can't tell the difference between robot babies and human babies.

  3. People are shocking in their assumptions. Personally, the suicidal comments in reference to having three babies upsets me the most on your behalf. What the heck people?!