Monday, November 18, 2013

Marvelous Monday

Reasons why we had a marvelous Monday:

1. Jackson was begging to go to the library as soon as he woke up.  We went to an earlier storytime than usual that was exceptionally crowded, which meant I couldn't take the stroller into the room.  Maddie was in the Ergo and I had to carry Amelia and James in their carseats without hitting toddlers.  While everyone else just stared, another woman got up and asked if I needed help.  It turns out she had 3-year old triplets.  We talked afterwards and compared pregnancies and such.  I've never met another mom with young triplets, so it was great to know of one so nearby.

2. Jesse texted to tell me he's decided to take next Tuesday off.  He wants to go to Jackson's Thanksgiving feast at school and he has a dentist appointment that afternoon.  This means he works one day next week, then we get six consecutive days to spend with family!

3. Little Caesar's had their monthly VIP special.  I bought a pizza for $3.99 and took it to the park for lunch.

4. The babies are pros at bottle propping!

5. Tummy time was spent outside enjoying 70 degree weather and clear, blue skies.

6. We finally remembered to take the football to the park so Jackson and I could play. 

Of course, he also had fun at the playground.

7. We officially broke out the exersaucer for our big boy today.

8. Jackson has suddenly become Mr. Helpful.  He entertains the babies, puts his toys back without being asked, puts his dishes in the dishwasher, gives the babies pacifiers, etc.  Not to say that he didn't go to time out and still have to be redirected, but he's been amazing the past few days!

9. Jesse came back from the grocery store yesterday with Magic Shell.  While Jackson, James, and Amelia napped, Maddie and I cuddled.  I ate ice cream with Magic Shell and watched Masters of Sex from the DVR.  Relaxed to the max!

10. National Boards finally sent out an e-mail saying scores will be released this Saturday.  I've been waiting 6 months to find out if I passed or not.  I'm excited and nervous.  It doesn't matter one way or another right now since I'm not currently teaching.  And I can't have too high of expectations since it's really rigorous and most people don't pass the first time.  Either way, I'm anxious to finally get the results. 

11.  I pumped enough extra milk for the first time in almost a month to be able to freeze. 

12. Jesse and I got free tickets to the Shriner's Circus for Saturday.  I arranged childcare for the triplets with my sister so we get to do something special with just Jackson.  We looked at pictures after dinner tonight of circs elephants, tigers jumping through hoops of fire, and clowns.

All of this in one day = pretty awesome!


  1. Funny story: I blogged about seeing you in the library today, too! Even funnier, one of your friends is friends with one of my friends, and my friend sent me the link to your blog. Hello, Super Mama! Let's connect! My trio can play with Jackson, and we can commiserate as triplet mamas. (

    1. Awesome! Yes! Becca from EPing sent me your link a few days ago. What a small world.