Monday, November 11, 2013

Beach: Day 1

The plan was to meet Jesse at work at 3, feed the babies, leave by 3:30, and be at the beach by 7:30 p.m.  No part of that happened.  Our setbacks included fighting with strollers while trying to pack up the van by myself, missing the turn to Jesse's school in the middle of cotton fields, and having to take longer than expected pit stops to feed/change babies. 

We stopped at a Wendy's for dinner.  While Jesse and Jackson went to the restroom, I got everything ready for feeding the babies (bottles, burp cloths, etc).  As I began to feed the girls, an elderly woman walked across the restaurant, picked up James' bottle, and began feeding him.  Her hands were trembling so much that the bottle was bobbing in and out of his mouth.  I was so shocked and continued to anxiously scan the room looking for Jesse.  I repeated, "Ma'am, he's okay.  Oh, no thank you."  Not only would she not leave, she never said a word or even made eye contact.  It was the most bizarre experience to date. 

The kid's meal toy was little Shrek ears and a face mask.  I'm seriously contemplating stopping at Wendy's to get three more kid's meals.  How cute (and cheap!) would three little Shrek's be for Halloween next year?

At last, we arrived at the beach around 9:30.  Maneuvering a twin stroller along with a fully loaded bell cart  in elevators, hallways, and doorways is no easy task!  I got the girls and luggage up to our room on the 14th floor while Jesse parked the van and brought the boys up.  Even though Jackson had been sleeping hard in the van, he was so excited when we got to our hotel room.  He immediately asked if he could go swimming.  I had just enough time to take Jackson to the indoor pool for a few minutes before it closed while my sisters helped Jesse feed and swaddle the babies. 

A few days before the beach, my sister enlightened me to the fact that I could simply request a crib in our hotel room.  I had been struggling to make room for a pack-in-play amidst all our other cargo.  I was so grateful to open the door to our hotel room and find a crib in the corner.  James and Amelia shared the crib while Jackson slept in one bed with Jesse and Maddie and I shared the other bed.

Despite being on a weekend getaway, my night still revolved around my alarm clock and pump.  Thankfully, everyone slept peacefully while I opened the door to the balcony and listened to the waves crash along the sand.

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