Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sibling Bond

I bought a set of two big, girly bows in August 2010.

I made the purchase soon after finding out I was pregnant, and it was one of the first and only things I bought.  I just knew I would have a girl.  When the ultrasound revealed I was pregnant with a boy, I cried for hours.  Of course, I quickly fell in love with the idea of having a mama's boy and instantly loved Jackson when he was born.  Still, I tucked those bows away into a closet, hoping I would be able to use them one day. 

The plan was to try to conceive again right away.  If we were to have a girl, our family would be complete.  If our second child was a boy, we would try once more for a girl.  If the third child was a boy, we would stop.  Three strikes; you're out.  I mean really, who would ever want four children? 

Clearly, those "plans" are laughable now.  When we found out I was pregnant with triplets, I prayed there would be two girls and a boy.  Since I knew we were going to have a larger family, I desperately wanted each child to be able to experience what it's like to have a brother and a sister.  Finding out the sexes at 15 weeks was one of the best moments of my pregnancy.   

I can't express into words what it means to have a sister.  Amelia and Madeline will never know life without one another.  Through good, bad, and ugly, they have a bond that can never be separated or replicated. 

And then there are my boys.  James' face lights up every time he sees Jackson.  James will always have someone to look up to, and Jackson will always have his sidekick. 

This is the family I never knew I wanted and I am so, so thankful for these kids each day.


  1. That first picture. I must have it. Agreed, sisters are necessary for survival. And four kids? Amateur ;)