Wednesday, November 27, 2013

And the Stockings Were Hung

Remember me saying, "I never wanted more than 2-3 kids"?   Well, for Jackson's first Christmas, I bought three stockings for our little family.  Being the obsessive planner that I am, I ran back out that same day and bought two more for my future children.  I wouldn't want stockings that didn't match, so I thought buying two extra would surely be enough. Again, I'm sure God is laughing at the thought that I'm the one in control here.     

A.C. Moore, Michael's, and two different Hobby Lobby stops later, I finally found a matching stocking.  I used a 50% off coupon from the weekly sales ads in addition to my 15% off teacher discount and bought iron-on letters for $2. FYI, I'm pretty sure this morning was the first time I've used an iron since making the stockings for Jackson's first Christmas two years ago.

In the past, the stockings were placed along the banister of our stairs, but six wouldn't fit so we had to get creative.  Jesse found the perfect spot between the dining room and living room.

Madeline's name just barely fit.
 Here's my new favorite view in the house:

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